Customary Care/Foster Care

To recruit and retain Indigenous Foster caregivers and homes in accordance to rules and regulations outline in the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, provide training and support to Indigenous Foster caregivers; provide assistance with voluntary/customary care placements within the catchment area; provide support and counselling services to children in care; provide consultation and advertising in areas relating to customary care and foster care procedures; provide preventative services at “grass roots level” including awareness on child welfare matters including roles and responsibilities of the customary care/foster care worker; provide workshops on traditional modes of care as defined by our First Nation Communities to prevent the removal of children from the First Nation/Communities; provide repatriation services where needed by offering assistance and guidance, consultation and referral services; encourage customary care arrangements where applicable as a least intrusive measure; To ensure the protection of children as is identified as the paramount purpose to the Child, Youth and Family Services Act.