The Kunuwanimano catchment area encompasses a broad region in Northeastern Ontario that ranges from Hornepayne to Matachewan First Nation and includes eleven First Nation communities. The Kunuwanimano head office is located on Apitipi Anicinapek Nation with the main office located in the city of Timmins.

First Nations

Kunuwanimano Offices

  • Timmins (Main Office)
    401 Cedar St S.
    Timmins, ON
    P4N 2H7
    Tel (705) 268-9033

  • Mama Wee Kaa Paa Wee Kamik – Prevention Office
    170 3rd Avenue,
    Timmins, ON
    P4N 1C3
    Tel (705) 268-9033

  • Biindigen  – Balsam Office
    92 Balsam Street South,
    Timmins, ON
    P4N 1C3
    Tel (705) 268-9033

  • Mattagami Office
    75 Helen St.
    Gogama, ON
    P0M 1W0

  • Chapleau Ojibway Office
    522 Highway
    (705) 864-1600

  • Cochrane Office
    86 2nd St,
    Cochrane, ON
    P0L 1C0
    Tel (705) 272-2729

  • Kapuskasing Office
    1b-36 Circle
    Kapuskasing, ON
    P5N 1T7
    Tel (705) 335-2888

  • Kirkland Lake Office
    145 Government Rd. W. Unit 101
    Kirkland Lake, ON
    ON P2N 2E8
    Tel (705) 567-3360

  • Brunswick House
    P.O Box 1609
    Chapleau ON
    Tel (705) 864-0248 Ext. 7

  • Apitipi Anicinapek Office (Wahgoshig First Nation) – Kunuwanimano Head Office
    R.R #3 PO Box 99
    Matheson ON
    Tel (705) 273-1010

  • Beaverhouse First Nation Office
    26 Station Road North
    Kirkland Lake ON
    Tel (705) 567-2022 ext.237

Territory Descriptions:

Kunuwanimano Child and Family Services

North of the 47.5 Parallel at the Southern boundary of the Arctic Watershed, North to Payukotayno jurisdiction, west to Tikinagan jurisdiction, east to the Province of Quebec (approx. 139,000 square kilometers)

Payukotayno Child and Family Services

  • South from Hudson Bay at the point 85 thirty minutes to the Albany River(including Peawanuck)
  • Westward on the south shore of the Albany River to the boundary of the District of Thunder Bay (not including Marten Falls Indian Reserve and Ogoki)
  • South on 90° longitude to 50° latitude
  • South along the boundary of the District of Thunder Bay to the 50th parallel
  • East along the 50th parallel to the Ontario/Quebec border
  • North following the Ontario/Quebec border to the coast of James Bay (including Moose Factory Island and the islands in the mouth of the Moose River)

Tikinagan Child and Family Services

  • South from Hudson Bay (85° 30 min. longitude) to Albany River (not to include Peawanuck)
  • Westward on Albany River to the 90° longitude (to include Marten Falls I.R. and Ogoki)
  • South on 90° longitude to 50° latitude
  • West on 50° latitude to boundary of District ok Kenora
  • North on Kenora District Boundary to 51° latitude
  • West on 51° latitude to 92° longitude
  • North on 92° longitude to 51° 30 min. latitude
  • West on 51° 30 min. latitude to Manitoba Border
  • North and north east along the Manitoba/Ontario border to the shore of Hudson Bay
  • East along the shore of Hudson Bay to the point of commencement