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KUNUWANIMANO CHILD & FAMILY SERVICES is a social service agency that was incorporated in 1989 to eliminate all forms of abuse by providing services that encourage and support the healthy development of families and individuals in a manner that is appropriate to our First Nations.

The programs take into consideration the best interests and well being of the child, specifically the programs that recognize the uniqueness of First nation’s culture, heritage and traditions of preserving a child’s cultural identity.


Service Description

Provide information and educate clients and Band/Communities about their rights under the Child and Family Services Act and other social services Acts specifically the least intrusive measures and proper representation.

Provide information on other rights of native clients pertaining to social, legal and child welfare matters.

The organization is actively seeking designation as a children’s aid society as was the original intent at the inception of the organization in 1989.  The main objective is to service the Aboriginal population both on and off reserve within the Kunuwanimano CFS geographical jurisdiction.


Family Support and Prevention Services

To provide training to new and existing prevention and family support workers as per community agreements; provide services and supports to First Nations on all child welfare and Band Representative issues; provide preventative programming to all First Nations members regardless of residency; promote awareness and encourage involvement at community level “grass roots” intervention regarding child and family services and other issues relating to family support; network with other service providers including the volunteer sector to enhance current working systems, exchange information and work collaboratively on community projects; develop and deliver programs at the community level in accordance to culture, tradition and heritage; maintain overall responsibility for the financial management of the programs as outlined in the community service agreements.



To provide information and educate clients, Bands/Communities about their Rights and Responsibilities under the Child and Family Services Act; provide culturally appropriate dispute resolution options to clients, bands, communities and Children’s Aid Societies in the form of traditional mediation practices which include the “Circle”; as a method of practice; provide information to clients communities and bands in regards to their rights to the legal system including referring to legal aid.


Band Representative Function

To receive and respond to notices of hearings on relation to child welfare matters ensuring the pertinent Band/Community is notified according to the community services agreements; provide consultation and support to local Bands/Communities concerning band representative roles and responsibilities including case planning and assessments; where requested act directly on notices in consultation with the Band/Community as outlined in service agreements.


Counselling and Referral

To provide individual or group counselling both individually or in groups for children, youth and adults; provide community presentations, self help groups, parenting and other support programs; provide referral services to local and outside service providers including treatment and healing centers, co dependency programs, physical and sexual abuse programs and other agencies that provide mental health services such as assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental and mood disorders; provide follow up services such as after care counselling post treatment programming; provide referral services for local children’s aid societies as a means of assisting with plan of care requests.


Customary Care/Foster Care

To recruit and retain Aboriginal Foster caregivers and homes in accordance to rules and regulations outline in the Child and Family Services Act, provide training and support to Aboriginal Foster caregivers; provide assistance with voluntary/customary care placements within the catchment area; provide support and counselling services to children in care; provide consultation and advertising in areas relating to customary care and foster care procedures; provide preventative services at “grass roots level” including awareness on child welfare matters including roles and responsibilities of the customary care/foster care worker; provide workshops on traditional modes of care as defined by our First Nation Communities to prevent the removal of children from the First Nation/Communities; provide repatriation services where needed by offering assistance and guidance, consultation and referral services; encourage customary care arrangements where applicable as a least intrusive measure; To ensure the protection of children as is identified as the paramount purpose to the Child and Family Services Act.



Kunuwanimano Child and Family Services’ catchment communities of Beaverhouse First Nation, Brunswick House First Nation, Chapleau Cree First Nation, Chapleau Ojibwe First Nation, Constance Lake First Nation, Hornepayne First Nation, Matachewan First Nation, Mattagami First Nation, Missanabie Cree First Nation, Taykwa Tagamou (New Post First Nation) and Wahgoshig First Nation.


The evaluation of client services will be based on quarterly statistical information recorded and calculated using the agency’s present tools.

  • Statistical reports will be forwarded to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services on a quarterly basis.
  • Program effectiveness will be determined utilizing individual evaluations completed by participants and/or groups.
  • Program effectiveness will also be evaluated by the Service Committee of the Board of Directors, in consultation with the Executive Director and appropriate staff
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